Look who stopped by, Mike Gascoyne!

Many might know Mike Gascoyne as a designer of Formula One cars. But he is also a passionate sailor and built a racing boat!

On 14th December 2012 we had the great pleasure to meet Mike Gascoyne on his arrival in Grenada. With no previous racing experience he raced solo from Lisabon, Portugal to Grenada, W.I. A fantastic achievement!
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Caterham Challenge

Needless to say that we were now closely following Mike’s next steps and read about the Caterham Challenge in 2013.
For detailed information about the Caterham Challenge, check:

Mike commissioned and built an Akilaria RC3 Class 40 – ‘Silvi Belle 2’ – and participated in the Transat Jacques Vabres 2013. Brian Thompson, Britain’s fastest round the world sailor and Mike Gascoyne, an ocean racing rookie finished the Transat Jacques Vabre in 14th place in Class 40.
If you did not follow their race you can read the whole story of their race Caterham Challenge finishes TJV 2013

During his recent visit in Grenada, Mike stopped at our workshop and we had some interesting discussions about sailing races and of course boat building!

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