Project RF 33

The future of Grenada lies with the youth.

Help us improve the possibilities of a brighter future for our young sailors by supporting this project as a sponsor.
The key word is TEAM-BUILDING.


The RF33 is a racing boat of 33 feet.
The boat is under construction by the company “act” of Westerhall, Grenada and will serve as a platform for competitive racing, using teams of 6 sailors at a time.

The Idea

The founders of the company “act”, Daniela and Rene Froehlich, are also the creators of the idea behind “Project – RF33”.
While working with junior sailors on many occasions, the couple realized that the potential of the young sailors is far greater than the possibilities. Once they grow out of the small “Optimist” sailing dinghies and the “Mosquito” racing catamarans, the options are limited. As they have no alternative and might stop sailing altogether, the juniors might also lose interest in the marine industry, which is a growing industry in Grenada.
Project – RF33 will provide a training and racing facility, to enhance the competitive and team working skills of the young sailors.


The company “act” was registered in Grenada in 2003, and has since been doing business building and refurbishing boats, designing and manufacturing furniture as well as making custom design artwork.

Rene Froehlich is a trained designer and an experienced shipwright. Before moving from Switzerland to Grenada in 2003, he achieved knowledge in various lines of work. In 2013 he opened “Sailing School Grenada”, aiming to improve the sailing and navigation skills of the youth, so far using his own cruising boat for this job.

Daniela Froehlich works as a commercial employee and web designer. Within the company “act” she is responsible for marketing, web design and accounting. Since 2004 she has been involved in numerous sailing events, covering everything from public relations and website management to the more practical side of the events.

Rene and Daniela have recently been involved in the following sailing events:

• Grenada Round-the-Island Easter Regatta (2006-2009).
• Junior Regatta at Clarkes Court Bay Marina.
• Junior Sailing Event for the “South Grenada Regatta” at Le Phare Bleu Marina.
• Founding members (in 2010) and since then continual committee members of the Petite Calivigny Yacht Club.
• “Sunday Fun Racing” on the south coast of Grenada, started by Rene and Daniela in 2013.
• Organizing and handling the Grenada Feeder Race for the Carriacou Regatta.

As a sailor, Rene has been participating in the following regattas:
– Grenada Round-the-Island Easter Race
– South Grenada Regatta
– Grenada Sailing Week (formerly known as Grenada Sailing Festival)
– Grenada Feeder Race for the Carriacou Regatta
– Carriacou Regatta
– Girl Pat Race (Trinidad to Grenada)
What made us choose a Racing Boat?
The answer is simple. When we experienced the young sailors’ eagerness and potential, we realized that we could either leave them at their current level, or develop new opportunities. Our “Project – RF33” will address this issue.
The boat will be no well-furnished leisure cruiser; it will serve as a tool in a sailing school. It will serve as a team building and training platform and it will do competitive open ocean racing within the Caribbean – attending key racing Regattas in the region. This will give our sponsors a great exposure throughout the region.