Our Second Sponsor

Grenada Team Sailing - Sponsor

Grenada Team Sailing – Sponsor

Thanks to our second sponsor, Hugh Pringle from the UK, who has contributed US10,000 to the RF33 project. A frequent visitor to Grenada, Hugh has competed in more than a dozen sailing events, most recently as crew on Dione, Sailing School Grenada’s training yacht.
Explaining his decision to support the venture, Hugh said: “Because I have gained so much personal pleasure from racing – particularly in Grenadian waters – I am keen that young people here share in this experience. Not only will it help them build their confidence, teamwork and positive attitude, but it will also harness the enthusiasm of Grenada’s up and coming sailing talent and enable them to develop their skills in a competitive international sailing environment.”
Hugh plans to be back for Grenada Sailing Week 2015 and is looking forward to sailing on RF33 in 2016 – if not before – as part of his sponsorship package.

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