Terrific News!

mark-denningtonA new sponsor has come on board RF33 – which means the project is now on the final leg of its race to get sailing competitively.
Mark Dennington, a competitor at Grenada Sailing Week for the past few years, has given his backing to RF33’s mission to bring international yacht racing within the reach of talented young sailors from around the island.
Work is well advanced on the one-off design 33ft racing yacht and now, thanks to Mark’s sponsorship, boat designer and builder Rene Froehlich is hopeful that RF33 will be ready to compete in the Petit Calivigny Yacht Club Round the Island Race in August 2016.
A recent winner of his class at the prestigious UK national regatta at Cowes, Mark is a highly experienced competitive sailor in both dinghy and sportsboat categories. During a visit to the RF33 workshop in Westerhall last year (see photo) Mark said: “I am extremely impressed with Rene’s innovative design and I am looking forward to seeing the Grenada Team Sailing project take shape this year. It will be great for competitive sailing in Grenada.”

We can now say how happy we are to have you on board Mark!

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