Boat Building

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Interview of Hugh Pringle and Rene Froehlich after a successful Round Grenada Regatta and the baptizing of RF33. Please note: Jason Fletcher is the owner of Grenada Marine. Boat BlessingA new La Diablesse (La-Jah Bless) is roaming the high seas. The word La Diablesse is translated as female devil, with the legend coming from Caribbean More »

Look who stopped by, Mike Gascoyne!

Many might know Mike Gascoyne as a designer of Formula One cars. But he is also a passionate sailor and built a racing boat! On 14th December 2012 we had the great pleasure to meet Mike Gascoyne on his arrival in Grenada. With no previous racing experience he raced solo from Lisabon, Portugal to Grenada, More »

Mike Gascoyne and Rene

Grenada Team Sailing gathers support at Open Day

The event, held at our Westerhall workshop, gave us an opportunity to explain our mission to build a racing yacht to train young sailors in Grenada to compete in international regattas. Project leader, Rene Froehlich, was also delighted to be able to discuss the details of the design with experienced racers and yachting specialists. Visitor More »