The Keel was Mounted and the Mast Stand

This week was full of excitement.  The plan was to attach the keel, stand the mast and do the rigging. Everything has to fit, there is not a lot of room for improvement or changes. As you can see from the pictures and videos everything worked perfect!

The Keel

On 27th June, the keel was raise to a vertical position, it is very important to have it absolute straight. The hull was then put into the slings of the travel lit and very slowly lowered to fit over the keel. This part of the job is very delicate, there is not a lot of space, the keel has to fit tight. We are very happy and proud, it fit perfect!

The Mast

On 29th June, the foot of the mast was lifted on a trolley on wheels, while the top of the mast was mounted to the crane. This enables the mast to float free when it is lifted up and set in the right position. The crane lifted the mast, moved it in the right position and set it down into its mast foot. This part too went very well! Thanks to Turbulence Ltd, Grenada for their assistance!

Big thanks goest to the team of Grenada Marine,,  for their great and professional work!

Thanks goes also to our sponsors, and helping hands!

The Keel is Mounted

The Mast is Added

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