Today it happened! The Launch of RF 33!

On 1st July was the big launch day for RF 33! It was the first time she was set into water. The travel lift came and she was put into the slings and then driven to the water line. The real RF 33 looks exactly like the model which was built a long time ago!

Rene followed RF 33 all the way to the launching bay where he was joined with friends who came to watch and celebrate this event with us.


There are no words to describe the feelings one has, when a boat is lowered into the water for the first time.  Touching the ocean for the first time and then slowly being lowered. One of the staff shouted to stop, a boat needs to be blessed! We were not prepared but had a Carib handy which was perfect and used to bless RF 33.


Once in the water, Rene jumped on RF 33, checked everything and handed over lines. She was floating, yeah! Once all was fine, the slings were released and she was floating free! Happy faces all around! RF 33 was moved to the outside of the dock, fender were attached and RF 33 was tight to the dock.

Jason Fletcher from Grenada Marine came to oversee the work, thank you very much Jason!


We went to the bar to celebrate the successful launch of RF 33! As soon as we sat down, the skies turned black and opened up! We got blessings from above!


To Grenada Marine and their staff, our sponsors and all our friends and helpers!

Pictures by Steve Brett

Pictures by John Whitsett

Pictures by us

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