A Milestone Reached

The Model and the real RF33

The Model and the real RF33

The 31st October marked another milestone in the building of the RF33, a custom built one-off sports boat type racer.

The outside of the hull was finished and it was ready to be turned. Due to the size of the boat 33ft long, 9ft wide and 4 ft high, it was not possible to turn the hull inside our workshop. Around 11 am with the help of the employees of a workshop in our neighborhood, some of our crew members, friends and members of the work force, the hull was moved outside and rested on horses.

Blocks with wheels were mounted on the hull, as once turned, it will make it easier to move the hull around in the workshop on wheels.

Such a milestone and spectacle needs to be celebrated, so we invited our sponsors and friends to watch how the hull was turned.

At 1pm the truck with the crane arrived and the straps were mounted. The crane slowly started to lift the hull to check if everything was ok and the hull in proper balance. With manual labor the hull was turned inside the straps. A first step was successfully achieved the hull was turned, the crowd applauded.

With combined man power the hull was moved back into the workshop. Due to the confined space this job required a lot of precision and great teamwork.

Everybody was happy to see the hull back in her present location where the internal work can now begin.

We would like to thank everybody who came to help and celebrate this important milestone.

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