A Next Important Milestone Reached!

Today RF33 left our workshop, was loaded on a trailer to  be trucked to Grenada Marine where her keel and mast will be attached. It seems like a long time to reach this milestone, but actually it is not. Rene built the boat in his spare time, almost everything was done by him alone.

The weather was great, no rain and no wind, otherwise the move might had to be postponed.

The hull had to be lifted by a crane and then moved on the trailer. Such maneuvers are always a bit nerve-wracking but at the same time very exciting. As neither the mast nor the keel had been mounted, the hull was out of balance and needed some weight and pulling down on the bow for stabilization.

The keel and mast were also loaded on the trailer, that seemed like an easy piece of cake compared to the loading of the hull.

Next week RF33 will get her keel and rigging done and soon a first water test can take place.

We think we are allowed to be very happy and proud of Rene Froehlich’s achievement! However without the help of our sponsors and support of our friends this would not have been possible. Thank you all very much for believing in us!

Thank You!

The team led by Rene worked very well together, big thanks to Chris who knows very well how to operate his crane, John Whitsett and Terry Moore for their helping hands!

Pictures and videos courtesy Steve Brett, https://www.flickr.com/photos/stevieb/

You can view all the videos on our Youtube Channel

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